First one…. Hmm…. Where to begin?


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So..  Here I am, still thinking.. what to write! Who am I? What defines me? What I want to be? nah.. I am not here for an interview. I need to refine it, practice it before presenting in an interview.. well, I have two years time for that.. no need to hurry. So what should I write? how I passed the day? lol.. who cares! Then? My friends? that’s a good topic.. but its never-ending.. may be later!

What should I write? How I enjoyed hanging out yesterday? How much I liked Transformer 3?…….HELL NO!!  I am not a movie critic! I like to enjoy the movie.. that’s all. How about sharing my experience about love and betrayal?…… BORRRRRRRRING!!   damn, I am confused..

What should I write? about my family? My mother? My inspiration? nah… NOT RELEVANT.

What should I write? My college? Pffft!! Me, myself have no idea, I hardly go there!! What about my city? my state? my country? C’mon… don’t be a bore.. Politics? Ideology? News?…. sigh! Get a life dude..

What should I write?

How about my ideas? My imaginations? Yep, that’s what the blog is all about… We’ll see, lets make it slow..

Welcome to Careless Murmur (that’s because Whisper is chosen already)